Manfred von Thun

"Dr Manfred von Thun’s life journey is an inspiring story. Born in 1938 in Hamburg, Germany, Manfred grew up as an only child in war-ravaged Hamburg with his parents. His father, a pacifist, was captured by the Nazis. In post war Germany, Dr von Thun left school early to become an apprentice in wind-organ building. He was very good with his hands and excelled at woodcraft.

At the age of 24, he bid Europe farewell and fled, like many others, to Australia where he could make the most of this ‘land of opportunities’. Soon after arriving in Sydney by boat, Dr von Thun saw the opportunity as a mature-aged student to go to university. He completed his first Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology, followed by undertaking a Doctorate in Philosophy, majoring in the philosophy of science and logic.

His passion for education led him to a life-long career as a lecturer at LaTrobe University in Melbourne. A much-loved lecturer for PHD and Masters students, he was a ‘truly great, quirky and inspirational educator.’ Not just an inspiring individual, Dr von Thun was a mathematical wizard who designed a ground breaking computer science language still studied today and called it 'JOY'."§

This website was made to provide an updated interface to Dr von Thun work on Joy and to hopefully stimulate growth around the language.