MiniJoy - a small Joy-in-Common-Lisp

This is an antique version of Joy which I wrote many years ago. As will be apparent to any expert, this is a beginner's Lisp program. I have not had access to any Lisp for a very long time, so I cannot say much about it. I wrote it on a Data General machine, and the Lisp thereon had some quirks which I did not understand: in particular, for the compiler to work one had to compile (load ? I can't remember) the program twice (!). But it also worked when interpreted. From memory, the translation of (proper) Joy to this Lisp-version was

      [1 2 3 4]  [dup *]  map.
    ( (1 2 3 4)  (dup *)  map )
and definitions were just
    ( ( square ==  dup * )  enter)

I leave it here in case some Lisp programmer wants to take it up. Note that some words (e.g. "cnos") are not the same as in modern Joy (i.e. "swons").

;; JOY interpreter
;; A real programmer can write programs in any language, therefore
;; a real PASCAL programmer can write PASCAL programs in any language
(defun joy ()

  (declare (special joystack joyprogram joytable))

  (defun seq (prog stack)

    (defun exe (command stk)

      (defun s1 ()	(first stk))
      (defun s2 ()	(second stk))
      (defun s3 ()	(third stk))
      (defun s4 ()	(fourth stk))
      (defun s5 ()	(fifth stk))
      (defun r0 ()	stk)
      (defun r1 ()	(cdr stk))
      (defun r2 ()	(cddr stk))
      (defun r3 ()	(cdddr stk))
      (defun r4 ()	(cddddr stk))
      (defun r5 ()	(cddddr (rest stk)))

      (defun i (st p)		(seq p st))
      (defun b (st p1 p2)	(seq p2 (seq p1 st)))

      (defmacro POP0PUSH1 (v1)	(list 'list* v1 '(r0)))
      (defmacro POP1PUSH1 (v1)	(list 'list* v1 '(r1)))
      (defmacro POP2PUSH1 (v1)	(list 'list* v1 '(r2)))
      (defmacro POP3PUSH1 (v1)	(list 'list* v1 '(r3)))
      (defmacro POP0PUSH2 (v1 v2) (list 'list* v1 v2 '(r0)))
      (defmacro POP1PUSH2 (v1 v2) (list 'list* v1 v2 '(r1)))
      (defmacro POP2PUSH2 (v1 v2) (list 'list* v1 v2 '(r2)))
      (defmacro POP3PUSH2 (v1 v2) (list 'list* v1 v2 '(r3)))

    ;; begin exe
    (case command

      (id	(r0))
      (pop	(r1))
      (dup	(POP0PUSH1 (s1)))
      (swap	(POP2PUSH2 (s2) (s1)))
      (stack	(POP0PUSH1 (r0)))
      (unstack	(s1))
      (car	(POP1PUSH1 (car (s1))))
      (cdr	(POP1PUSH1 (cdr (s1))))
      (cons	(POP2PUSH1 (cons (s2) (s1))))
      (uncons	(POP1PUSH2 (cdr (s1)) (car (s1))))
      (cnos	(POP2PUSH1 (cons (s1) (s2))))
      (uncnos	(POP1PUSH2 (car (s1)) (cdr (s1))))
      (duco	(POP1PUSH1 (cons (s1) (s1))))
      (fix	(POP1PUSH1 (list* (cons 'duco (s1)) 'duco (s1))))
      (unit	(POP1PUSH1 (list (s1))))
      (pair	(POP2PUSH1 (list (s2) (s1))))
      (unpair	(POP1PUSH2 (second (s1)) (first (s1))))
      (triple	(POP3PUSH1 (list (s3) (s2) (s1))))
      (untriple	(list* (caddar stk) (cadar stk) (caar stk) (r1)))
      (+	(POP2PUSH1 (+ (s2) (s1))))
      (-	(POP2PUSH1 (- (s2) (s1))))
      (*	(POP2PUSH1 (* (s2) (s1))))
      (/	(POP2PUSH1 (/ (s2) (s1))))
      (=	(POP2PUSH1 (= (s2) (s1))))
      (/=	(POP2PUSH1 (/= (s2) (s1))))
      (<	(POP2PUSH1 (< (s2) (s1))))
      (<=	(POP2PUSH1 (<= (s2) (s1))))
      (>	(POP2PUSH1 (> (s2) (s1))))
      (>=	(POP2PUSH1 (>= (s2) (s1))))
      (eq	(POP2PUSH1 (eq (s2) (s1))))
      (eql	(POP2PUSH1 (eql (s2) (s1))))
      (equal	(POP2PUSH1 (equal (s2) (s1))))
;; it ought to be possible to do this:
;;    ((< <= > >=)
;;      (POP2PUSH1 ('command (s2) (s1))))
      (put	(print (s1)) (r1))
      (get	(POP0PUSH1 (read)))

      (i	(i (r1) (s1)))
      (b	(b (r2) (s2) (s1)))
      (k	(b (r1) (list 'pop) (s1)))
      (w	(b (r1) (list 'dup) (s1)))
      (c	(b (r1) (list 'swap) (s1)))
      (y	(b (r0) (list 'fix) (list 'i)))
      (dip	(list* (s2) (i (r2) (s1))))
;; this is no go:
;;      (nullary	(POP1PUSH1 (first (i (r1) (s1)))))
      ;; in the following the cddr's should be rN - but no go
      (nullary	(list*	(first (i (r1) (s1)))
			(cdr stk)))
      (unary	(list*	(first (i (r1) (s1)))
			(cddr stk)))
      (binary	(list*	(first (i (r1) (s1)))
			(cdddr stk)))
      (ternary	(list*	(first (i (r1) (s1)))
			(cddddr stk)))
      (nullary2	(list*	(first (i (cddr stk) (first stk)))
			(first (i (cddr stk) (second stk)))
			(cddr stk)))
      (unary2	(list*	(first (i (cddr stk) (first stk)))
			(first (i (cddr stk) (second stk)))
			(cdddr stk)))
      (binary2	(list*	(first (i (cddr stk) (first stk)))
			(first (i (cddr stk) (second stk)))
			(cddddr stk)))

      (infra	(list*	(i (s2) (s1))
			(cddr stk)))
      (build	(POP1PUSH1
		  (if (null (first stk))
		      (first (i (cdr stk)
				(caar stk)))
		      (first (i (cons (cdar stk) (cdr stk))
				(list 'build))))) ))
;;      (mapcar	(list* (mapcar ?) (cddr stk)))
;;      (mapcar	(list* (apply ?) (cddr stk)))
;;      (mapcar	(list* (eval (cons 'mapcar (s1))) (cddr stk)))
      (map	(POP2PUSH1
		  (if (null (second stk))
		      (first (i (cons (caadr stk) (cddr stk))
				(car stk)))
		      (first (i (list* (car stk) (cdadr stk) (cddr stk))
				(list 'map))))) ))
      (zip	(POP3PUSH1
		  (if (or (null (second stk)) (null (third stk)) )
		    (cons (first (i (list* (caadr stk)
					   (caaddr stk)
					   (cdddr stk) )
				    (car stk)) )
			  (first (i (list* (car stk)
					   (cdadr stk)
					   (cdaddr stk)
					   (cdddr stk) )
				    (list 'zip))))) ))
      (step	(if (null (second stk))
		    (i (cons (caadr stk) (cddr stk))
		       (car stk))
		    (i (list* (car stk) (cdadr stk) (cddr stk))
		       (list 'step)) ))
		(cddr stk))
      (eval	(eval (s1))  (r1))	; execute in lisp
      (lookup	(POP1PUSH1 (gethash (s1) joytable)))
      ;; DEFINITIONS:     (new == old1 old2 ..) enter
      ;; there is no check for == yet
      (enter	(setf (gethash (car (s1)) joytable) (cddr (s1)))  (r1))
      (t	(typecase command
		  (symbol	(i stk (gethash command joytable)))
		  (t		(POP0PUSH1 command)) ) ) ) )
    ;; end exe

  ;; begin seq
    ((eq prog nil) stack)
    (t (seq (cdr prog) (exe (car prog) stack)))))
  ;; end seq

;; begin joy
(setf joystack 'nil)
(setf joytable (make-hash-table :test #'equal))
(write-string "JOY in LISP    if it doesn't work, (load 'joy) a second time")
  (write-string "j: ")
  (setf joyprogram (read))
  (if (eql joyprogram 'stop) (return '(JOY STOPPED)))
  (setf joystack (seq joyprogram joystack)) ) )
;; end joy

(compile 'joy)


;; EOF - JOY interpreter